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Tank Liner Repairs

Keeping a functioning tank liner will ensure that your product is contained and free from leaks of any kind. That way, none of your chemicals or water goes to waste and is all directed to the correct place. Whether you use a trench liner, fertilizer tank liner, water reservoir liner, or any of the other type of flexible containment liners, Royal Liner can take care of tank liner repairs for you. Call and give us your tank details and we can tell you just how quickly we can make your liner to fit your tank.

We understand that your tank and liner are just as important as the product they contain, which is why your business must keep a strong containment to find success. Royal Liner has professionals on standby who are ready to help with reinforce and maintain your tank to ensure its longevity.

Of course, we don’t expect you to just take our word for it. Here is a list of the steps we’ll take in the process of conducting tank liner repairs for you:

  • Cleaning the area of the liner that requires repairs – Patching an area of flexible tank liner may require adhering the existing liner to a new piece of material using heat or adhesives; this requires a perfectly clean surface in order to form a strong bond and remove any damage or holes.
  • Cutting a patch larger than the hole or tear in your liner – A patch that is large than the hole itself allows for additional space to seal the break while also lessening the chance of a tear spreading in the future.
  • Heating the patch to adhere to your liner – Using a hot air welder effectively seals the two pieces of material together, creating a strong bond and seal.
  • Applying pressure as the liner is heated – This ensures that no air bubbles are trapped, which could weaken the bond; this process also provides a strong seal.
  • Cleaning the finished product – We won’t leave behind any residue or scraps of liner material that could contaminate your product or water supply.

After hearing about what we can do for you, if you’d like to ask some questions or learn more information about our tank liner repair services at Royal Liner, get in touch with us today!