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Our tank liners are the perfect solution for your new or existing tank.

  • Put leaking tanks back in service quickly!
  • Prevents corrosion
  • New life to old tanks, long life to new tanks
  • Easy Installation
  • Very Little Preparation
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Build. Ship. Install. Repair.

The team at Royal Liner can see your project through from conception to completion.

  • Liners are built using your specifications.
  • We ship to your job site.
  • Our crews are available for installation.
  • Our field service teams are available to help once your liner is in place.
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Leaking tank? We can help!

Flexible containment liners are cost effective solutions for:

  • Leaking Water Tanks
  • Water Reservoirs
  • Water Cisterns
  • Fertilizer Tanks
  • And More!
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Custom-Fabricated Flexible Containment Liners



Products Contained

Our flexible liners are capable of containing extremely corrosive and high-temperature chemicals, acid or alkaline, and waste fluids, as well as water, water-based products, and gases.

High Quality Materials

All our PVC tank liners are made from only highest-grade, first-run, virgin materials with no fillers. Please contact us with your application and we can recommend a suitable material for you.

Built to Last

Our PVC material is dielectrically seamed, that creates max material tear strength and even thickness of the material over the seal. Other materials may take other manufacturing methods.

inside flexible tank liner

Is a flexible tank liner right for you?


A flexible containment lining system is generally the quickest and most economical solution for leaking concrete, wood or steel tanks of any design.



Our custom-fabricated flexible liners are used in steel, plastic, wood, concrete, and fiberglass tanks, old and new.

Highly Customizable

All our tank liners are custom manufactured to the shape, size and configuration of your tank, pit, or secondary containment

Flexible liners are the perfect solution for your tank, pit, or secondary containment.

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Our Mission

Royal Liner is on a constant quest to identify and meet the need of our clients through innovation and extensive research. Research is ongoing, because our company’s goal is for every containment liner to last a minimum of ten years.

If you think you have a problem that can’t be handled, ask us!

Solutions to many problems have already been found. If you are still unsure if this will work for your application, consult with us and we’ll find a solution.

ISO 9001/2008 Certified

Where Are Flexible Tank Liners Used?
Our products are used in a wide range of applications as secondary containment lining, plating, chemical storage linings, ponds, water reservoirs and cisterns, clarifier tanks, trenches, swales, canals, gas recovery systems, membranes in pressure vessels, and many more applications.


Who uses Royal Liners products?
Major companies like Boeing Aircraft, 3M, Chevron, GE and many other big companies are using our plastic drop-in linings.