Metal Plating and Finishing

Royal Liner has been developing, designing, and manufacturing custom drop-in tank liners for over 75 years, and we’re not stopping any time soon. We are the best in the business, and with our tank liners, you can protect your equipment, team, and productivity. Even an industry like metal plating and finishing that deals with incredibly harsh chemicals will benefit from investing in our heavy-duty, corrosion-resistant polymer liners, membranes, and bladders.

Metal plating and finishing is a great service, but to get the job done, you need to handle dangerous chemicals like sulfuric acid, ammonia, or even hydrofluoric acid. They help get the industrial finishing job done, but those chemicals don’t just disappear. Instead, you must store them in a safe way where they can’t damage anything or get contaminated. The tanks you use are efficient, but what happens as those tanks get older? While protective metal plating makes metals tougher and more durable, when exposed to chemicals for an extended period of time, tanks lose their integrity. Tank durability diminishes over time, and your tanks will become much more susceptible to corrosion and leaks. Water tank leaks may not be a hazard, but leaks with metal plating and surface finishing chemicals are another matter entirely. Leaks will mean you’re losing some of your precious chemicals, but they’ll also damage your storage equipment and other equipment in your facility and pose a threat to your employees. Leaking chemicals can greatly damage your productivity, health, and overall profits, and there are ways to protect your facility from continuous leaks.

Thankfully, while tank leaks are not uncommon after years of use, they don’t have to happen. Instead, you can invest in additional layers of protection for your metal plating and finishing tanks—protection like Royal Liner’s corrosive-resistant polymer liners. These tank liners are great at corrosion control and containment. It’s an issue you never think about before it’s too late, which is why you need to contact us at Royal Liner before it’s too late. We’ll design and manufacture you the perfect secondary containment liners that custom-fit your tanks, extending their lifespan and keeping leaks and corrosion at bay. If you want your facility to be spill-free and safe, then you want Royal Liner and our high-quality tank liners on your side for years to come.