Benefits of Using Tank Liners

inside flexible tank liner



Puts leaking tanks back in service quickly.


Prevents corrosion


New life to old tanks.


Long life to new tanks.


Easy installation.


Very little preparation.

At Royal Liner, we’re here to provide you with the best possible solutions to extend the life of and make your holding tanks, chemical tanks, or any other type of liquid storage tanks more effective at containment throughout its entire life. With years of continued use, your containment tanks can take on a lot of wear and damage, even if they are only holding liquids. Certain tanks may be tasked with holding various forms of caustic chemicals that will eventually eat through the containment. Enough wear and tear, whether due to simple water wear or chemical corrosion, will degrade your tanks and can lead to contamination, cracks, and leaks; it can even make the tanks more susceptible to spills. Instead of accepting these hazards as normal, turn your attention to the benefits of using a flexible tank liner in this situation are clear. Many liners are built to withstand the harmful chemicals, creating a strong and durable barrier against corrosion that could damage your tank and potentially lead to a dangerous chemical leak that puts employees, or yourself, at risk. Instead of tolerating these dangers in your industry, protect yourself against them by investing in the right tank liners from Royal Liner.

If working with tanks is part of your daily life, the benefits of using tank liners can’t be understated. Whether you have a leaky tank, corroded tank, an old tank that is unstable or liable to breaking, or even a brand-new tank, don’t worry. If you’re wondering how to extend the life of your tank liner, look no further than Royal Liner. The chemical liners from Royal Liner can make your old tanks like new or give your new tank an even longer life. Each of our tank liners is made to easily install into your existing system, being flexible enough to provide a solid fit and create the best solution to liquid holding tank protection available anywhere. For more information on the benefits of tank liners, contact us today. 

Flexible liners are the perfect solution for your tank, pit, or secondary containment.

Our custom-made liners will increase the life of your containment vessels and help prevent your product from escaping. The liners are made for easy installation and minimum downtime of your process. Talk to us to learn how we can help get your leaking tanks back into service quickly and how we can help you with a liner for your secondary containment needs. whether they are corrosive in nature or not.
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If your production is down due to a leaky tank, an emergency tank liner can be shipped in 24 hours or less. Most emergencies that are ordered by 8:00am PST can be shipped by 4:00pm at no additional cost.

From years of experience, we have learned that Chromic and Nitric Acids can be held by using a premium tank liner. By adding a double layer of material to the top 12″–24″ of the liner (the fluid/air interface), the tank liner can provide a longer life expectancy.

Most flexible tank liners are easily installed by your own personnel, or we can provide an installation supervisor and/or a full or partial crew as needed.

Research is ongoing every day to improve our tank lining benefits, because our goal is to have every tank lining last at least ten years. If you think you have a problem that can’t be handled, simply ask us. Solutions to many problems have already been found.

If you still don’t think it will work, tell us why and we’ll find a solution.

Where Are Flexible Tank Liners Used?
Our products are used in a wide range of applications as secondary containment lining, plating, chemical storage linings, ponds, water reservoirs and cisterns, clarifier tanks, trenches, swales, canals, gas recovery systems, membranes in pressure vessels, and many more applications.
Who uses Royal Liners products?
Major companies like Boeing Aircraft, 3M, Chevron, GE and many other big companies are using our plastic drop-in linings.