PVC Tank Liner


Royal Liner has been providing the highest-quality and most reliable flexible PVC tank liners for decades. Our team has well over 100 years of combined expertise in the custom design and manufacturing of drop-in polyvinyl chloride (PVC) liner, a flexible material that keeps your tank liner durable and flexible. When it comes to containing corrosive chemicals and potentially harmful to our environment, it’s critical that your tanks and containment systems meet the current standards set by the government and have a containment solution that is durable enough to contain corrosive or caustic materials. That’s why our flexible tank linings, which we fabricate for tanks and containment areas of any size, are made of only the highest-grade first-run, virgin materials. Our PVC tank liners for concrete tanks, steel tanks, redwood tanks, and many other types of tanks can dramatically increase the tanks’ longevity by at least 10 years. With the right tank liner for whatever material you store, you can combat corrosion, keep the materials you store pure, and keep problematic spills and leaks at bay with your tank.

Easy to Install and Highly Resistant to Corrosive Chemicals

Corrosion occurs when a substance is acidic, base, or oxidizing enough to dissolve an object’s structure. This can happen in minutes or slowly over time. The condition of a storage tank can easily deteriorate if the wrong material is used. That’s why our custom fabrication process utilizes plasticized PVC, which is flexible, incredibly durable, and easy to install when integrated as one of our flexible tank liners. Tank lining systems must be flexible so that they can easily conform to the internal contours of a tank and assume the shape of any environment, such as trenches and secondary containment areas. Durability is a must, especially when the tank contains harmful chemicals. PVC is highly resistant to both abrasion, punctures, and various industrial-grade chemicals. When you want a tank liner that will protect your tank and whatever you store, you should look no further than flexible PVC.

Whether you need a containment solution for potable water or for chemical fertilizers, Royal Liner is the supplier you can trust for high-quality, flexible PVC tank liners. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have—we’d love to work together to formulate a containment solution that works just right for you.