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Plating Tank Liners

Metal plating is an important technology that people have used for years to cover conductive surfaces with metal, increase the life span of other metals, and improve their resistance to corrosion. However, it’s not the easiest process. Metal plating requires a lot of careful precision, both because you’re working with sensitive materials and because the materials in metal plating can be quite dangerous. Standard chrome plating uses a chromium or chromic acid solution, but you can use many other kinds of plating materials, each with different acidity, temperature, and concentration levels. Some are more harmful than others, but each can be dangerous, and without the proper plating tank liners, they can eat away at the tanks you’re storing them in over time. At Royal Liner, we understand this issue, and we can help.

We have over 75 years of combined experience at Royal Liner in manufacturing and designing different tank liners that will help keep your materials and tanks safe. The liners we create also serve as an additional barrier of protection for your other equipment and your employees. If any of your tanks develop leaks, you’ll need to worry about the tank and your chemicals, but the more immediate concern is stopping the leak while keeping everyone safe. It’s a scary possibility, but you are better prepared with our drop-in plating tank liners.

Chrome plating is one of the more common forms of metal plating, and it does a great job of increasing the life span of other metals while also improving their resistance to corrosion and friction. It’s incredibly versatile, but the chromic acid alone can be dangerous. Tanks don’t last forever, and handling something as potentially toxic as chromic acid will expedite that process, leading to additional corrosion and leaks. At Royal Liner, we know how dangerous these materials can be, but our chrome plating tank liners are flexible and sturdy enough to minimize this possibility and extend the life of your tanks for years. Our plating tank liners last a minimum of ten years, and we’ll install and repair them for you so they’ll work at peak level. Perfection is always the goal, and our liners are the perfect solution for all your chemical storage needs.