Primary Containment Liners

Chemical and agricultural industries, water and wastewater agencies, and many other industries use large holding tanks for various reasons. When the materials stored are potentially corrosive to the holding tank, primary containment liners from Royal Liner can be the solution.

Primary containment tanks or reservoirs are the first defense against leaks that could cause harm to workers, the environment, and the public. Tanks exposed to corrosive materials are especially vulnerable to leaks that are harmful and costly both to repair and remediate any ensuing environmental harm. But materials needn’t be hazardous to cause problems—even water storage tanks can rust or corrode and develop leaks. Thankfully, while time and use will degrade these tanks and materials, you can avoid any potential problems for you and your facility. You can invest in the right tank liners that will simultaneously preserve the purity of whatever you’re storing and the integrity of your tanks.

Primary containment liners are a highly effective alternative to costly tank repairs and can extend the useful life of holding tanks. Our heavy-duty custom drop-in tank liners can block leaks, prevent corrosion, and provide added security and safety for tanks that hold materials that pose chemical or environmental hazards. If there’s a spill and these dangerous chemicals get out, you’re going to spend a lot of time and money on damaged equipment, lost materials, and delays. With Royal Liner, you can ensure that a leak or spill like this doesn’t happen.

We use corrosion-resistant PVC material to create custom liners for all types and sizes of containment tanks and reservoirs. Our PVC containment liners can block or prevent leaks in wood, concrete, metal, plastic, or fiberglass tanks, whether they’re old or new. Using a primary containment liner may help with regulatory compliance regarding storing potentially hazardous or harmful chemicals or other materials. With large steel or concrete tanks, deploying a liner can be far more cost effective over time than repair or replacement. A custom-made, heavy-duty PVC liner serves as the first layer of containment within a containment system. The exterior shell of a tank then becomes a secondary containment vessel.

Always remember that human error or natural disasters, like hurricanes or earthquakes, can defeat even carefully designed and deployed containment systems and cause harm. Secondary containment measures and robust safety protocols should always be in place and enforced to avoid potentially tragic situations. Talk to Royal Liner about your containment needs. With our experience and expertise, we can find a containment tank liner solution that works for your specific application, improves safety, extends the useful life of your containment tanks, and saves money that would otherwise go toward costly repairs, environmental remediation, or damages.

To learn more about primary containment liners and the various products we offer, get in touch with Royal Liner today.