Tank Liner Applications

At Royal Liner, we’re your number one provider for heavy-duty tank liners, available in many styles and capabilities, depending on your location or company’s needs. Given that these tanks can help with preventing corrosion, blocking any leaks, giving new life to old tanks, or even helping to extend the overall life of your new holding tanks, there is a great benefit to using them in your own operations. With liners of all sizes, from smaller water holding tanks to large open-pit tanks and trenches, whatever your needs are, Royal Liner is here to provide for a wide variety of tank liner applications.

Our polyethylene tank liners are used in various industries—from manufacturing and farming to water treatment and chemical production. In each instance, we help to preserve your equipment and save you time and money in the long run. In other scenarios, repairing a steel or concrete storage vessel may take a considerable amount of time and effort, whereas our liners offer the quickest and most effective solution to your problems. There are many industries that use tank liners, and if they really want to protect their materials from contamination and their facilities from spills, then they want Royal Liner. We design and manufacture all our tank liners specifically to meet your industrial needs so that you can rest easy knowing Royal Liner is here to meet all your potential needs with our different tank liner applications.

Some of the most popular applications of tank liners include:

Chemical and Fertilizer Containment: Many chemicals are harmful to a person’s health, whether they be highly corrosive, flammable, or reactive to other chemicals. To provide you with a worry-free solution to any leaking tank issues, our liners can keep you safe from any hazards or spills. The PVC liners we use are highly resistant to corrosive materials, providing an extra layer of defense for your tank.  

Trench Linings: Useful in drainage and secondary containment, our ditch liners are effective in drainage systems whether it be for rainwater or wastewater. This tank liner application is more effective than your typical concrete or earthen drainage systems, providing a lower coefficient of friction to allow for better flow through your system, while still being resistant to corrosion and hazardous chemicals. 

Water Reservoir Containment: Whether you have a system that works with water treatment or potable water storage, our tank liners can provide an effective barrier against leaking and corrosion, while still being resistant against deterioration from extended use. These poly tank liners can be applied in large, open pits or a wide variety of sizes of water holding tanks.

For more information on the applications of our tank linersget in touch with us today.