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 Think Tank Liner

 A Flexible Tank Liner will work for you! Please read this.

  • A tank liner is generally the fastest and best way to fix a leaking water tank, both steel and concrete vessels.
  • All our tank liners are custom manufactured to the shape, size and configuration of Your tank, pit, pond or secondary containment.
  • A flexible tank liner can be put in over Koroseal lined, lead-lined or coated tanks as well as an old plating tank, lined or not. Little or none preparation is needed prior to the tank liner installation.
  • Tank linings are used in steel, plastic, wood, concrete or fiberglass tanks; old and new.
  • A tank lining is an integral part in a secondary containment system
  • A plastic tank liner can hold a wide range of chemicals, from pH 0 - pH 14 and can withstand temperatures over 200 ° F because they are made from a variety of available materials.
  • We have premium tank liner materials that works good in hard-chrome plating solution.
  • NSF/ANSI Std. 61 Potable drinking water grade materials including PVC, XR-3 PW, reinforced Polypropylene & Hypalon® as well as fish grade materials are available.
  • Flexible tank liners are a good and inexpensive solution for older leaking water tanks water cisterns, water reservoirs and fertilizer tanks
  • Non bonded lining systems are quality quick-fixes that will extend the life of your existing tank.
  • Tank liners are virtually maintenance-free.
  • The plastic materials used in the drop-in liners are perfect for the electroplating and anodizing tank where an insulator is needed for the steel tanks and will help prevent build-up.
  • Flexible lining systems are used in almost all industries where corrosion and/or contamination is a problem.
  • For big tanks, pits and ponds the tank lining can be pre-made in sections and the liner sections welded together on location.
  • Preformed pond and cistern liners are available.
  • Full installation or only installation supervision of your tank liners is available.
  • A rigid lining or impact protection may be needed for the galvanizer and anodizer, where impact to the lining is of concern.
  • PVC and polyurethane tank bladders are used as membranes and/or inflatable containers in gas recovery systems.
  • Flexible tank liners & tank bladders works in pressure vessels.
  • A big benefit is that you can have the tank back in service fast.

One Piece drop-in tank liners

Products Contained

Flexible tank linings can contain extremely corrosive and high temperature chemicals, acid or alkaline and waste fluids as well as water, water based products and gases.

Tank Liner Materials

All our PVC linings are made from only highest grade, first run, virgin materials, no fillers. There is a wide range of other materials available, Polypropylene, Polyurethane, Hypalon
®, HDPE, EPDM, XR-5, Coolguard, Teflon® to mention some.

Liner Construction

The PVC material is dielectrically seamed, that creates max material tear strength and even thickness of the material over the seal. Other materials may take other manufacturing methods.

Places Where Plastic Tank Liners Are Used
Our products are used in a wide range of applications as secondary containment lining, plating, chemical storage linings, ponds, water reservoirs and cisterns, clarifier tanks, trenches, swales, canals, gas recovery systems, membranes in pressure vessels, and many more places.

Companies that uses Royal Liner's
Major companies like Boeing Aircraft, 3M, Chevron, GE and many other big companies are using our plastic drop-in linings.

Comments from our satisfied customers
- I really liked the last liner you sent. It was really done well! The fit was perfect too! I need another liner ASAP. - Renewable Energy Technologies

- Thanks so much for sending us the nice calendar and mouse pad, more importantly your liners that we installed are holding up very well. Thanks so much for a nice job. - Chromium Inc.

- I just wanted you to know that the liner went in and is working great. You have a very nice product and service that is way above and beyond anything I’ve seen. Thank you for taking care of us. We will be sure to call you for any of our needs in the future. Thanks again. - Peerless Chain Company

-  We just passed the required water testing from San Mateo County, so we are now back on line with the repaired tank.  Thank you and your crew for your quick response and expert service to get our tank repaired and back in service on schedule.  We will recommend Royal Liner to anyone who requires this type of tank liner repair. Loma Mar Water Co.


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