Depending on where your property is, rainwater or excess water that you use can end up collecting in ponds and causing issues. Drainage is an important thing to have for your property, but not everyone has the same options available to them. And they need to install something else like a trench or a swale. However, how do you choose between trench or swale? Once you understand the differences between the two, you can better determine which is right for you.

Drainage System Cost

The first and most obvious difference between a trench or swale drainage system is the overall cost. Both projects vary in size and timeline, and these ultimately influence cost. For example, trenching can be a quicker install, but it still requires some extensive labor. Alternatively, swaling can be relatively affordable since there’s minimal excavation required. Both are good options, but it mostly comes down to whether you want to pay more at the start or later in the project.

Overall Maintenance

Another variable that can influence whether or not you choose a trench or swale is the amount of maintenance that each requires. Trenches are durable and long lasting but require regular cleaning because debris can often get stuck in them. On the other hand, swales are more self-sustaining and have a simpler design. These swales are broad and shallow, so whenever you do need to maintain them or remove debris, it’s easier.

Visual Aesthetic

The visual aesthetic of a trench or a swale is another factor that could influence whether or not you decide to go with one. Swales are a drainage system with a much more minimal design, blending in with their surroundings if you install them correctly. Their visual impact is minimal, while trenches are much more noticeable and much less visually appealing. Depending on where you might install your drainage system, a trench may not be as obvious. But if your property is small, swales are much better.

Environmentally Friendly

Swales are also a better option when you’re considering your drainage system’s environmental impact. They’re relatively easy to install and don’t require the same heavy machinery that trench installation does. Trench excavation could also harm local wildlife and potentially disrupt the natural landscape too.

You should choose a trench or swale to help with your property’s drainage, but when it comes to specifically choosing between the two, that’s up to personal preference. Royal Liner is the tank lining company you can rely on to get the liners perfect for your drainage system. Water will drain properly without further damaging your property. Contact us today to get the right lining system for you!