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A lot of industries across the world use water storage tanks, but these storage tanks are not indestructible. Like many other pieces of equipment, they will eventually fail, and your water storage tank will show signs it’s time to replace it. You must stay vigilant for these signs so you can replace your tank before it stops working.

Your Tank Starts Leaking

A leak is the biggest indicator that you need to invest in a new tank. A leak is not only a warning that your tank is on its last legs but a sign that you simply cannot use it anymore. If you let a leak persist, your entire work area can flood, or it could grow and break the tank. Stay on the lookout for leaks because they can start small. You may not even notice it at first—instead, you may spot small puddles around your storage.

Leaks are a bad sign, but it’s important to investigate them. There could be a leak in the tank itself, but you may also have some loose pipes and connections. Investigate these leaks early to determine whether it’s the tank or the pipes, and then take the necessary steps to see if you need to address these issues or invest in a new tank.

Tank Age

Age is another factor in determining whether you need a new tank. One of the biggest signs you must replace your tank is its age, regardless of whether other issues start appearing. You’ll be lucky if your tank gets to be around 25 or 30 years old and isn’t leaking, but you shouldn’t push your luck any further. Around this time, you should begin looking for a replacement tank so you can get it installed before your old tank meets the end of its days.

Visible Corrosion

Another sign it’s time to replace your water storage tank is if it starts visibly corroding. As your tank gets older, the years of environmental wear and tear add up, but corrosion is a lot worse than just being ugly. Corrosion spreads and will consume your unit, contributing to leaks and contaminating the water itself. If you notice rust or other forms of corrosion, treat them early. If your tank continues to corrode, it’s time to replace it.

By staying aware and looking for the signs it’s time to replace your water storage tank, you can take action before it’s too late. With something as big as a water storage tank, it’s important to replace it before it stops working. If you want to extend the life span of your new tank, be sure to come to us at Royal Liner. Our water storage tank liners will help keep your water contaminant-free and your tank working for years.