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Drainage trenches are an important part of owning any property. Any rainwater above average volumes, or a spill of some sort, can be disastrous for your property since drainage is so hard to find. You can circumvent many of these issues and solve your flooding problem by installing your own drainage trench. However, you must install this drainage trench correctly. Read on to learn what you need to know before digging a drainage trench.

Plan the Area

The first step to properly digging a trench is understanding where your property normally collects surface water. If your property is commercial, you should install a trench where there is a significant potential for runoff from your business operations. Regardless of the purpose of the trench, you must plan and install it in an area where you see the most surface water and runoff.

In addition to finding where all this water is collecting, you must locate your underground utility lines. You should not install a drainage trench close to these lines because doing so will lead to more issues down the line.

Don’t Forget Drain Gates

When people plan to dig a drainage trench, they only think as far as the trench itself. When you have an open trench with nothing covering it, you may run into some issues if you’re not careful. It’s easy for other debris and even people or animals to get caught in the trench and potentially clog it up. It’s important to install a drain gate allowing only water to flow into the trench. This grate will keep the water flowing off your property and help you reclaim any lost landscaping that water may have stirred up but didn’t go through the grate.

Invest in a Trench Liner

One of the last things you need to do to make your drainage trench system successful is to invest in a trench liner. Many properties need drainage trenches, but you can create many issues if you’re not careful during construction. You may think you’re making drainage easier, but without a liner, the water in the ditch can soak into the soil in ways you may not want and cause erosion.

What’s great about trench liners is you can cut them to fit the size of your trench. Then, your team can easily install it and let it go to work for years! Trench liners are incredibly effective since they keep motley groups of weeds out of your drainage trench. They’re also very efficient and sturdy, maintaining their reliability for years!

These are the important things to know before digging a drainage trench to ensure your trench works and helps your property instead of hurting it. One of the most important steps is getting a trench liner, and that’s where we can help. At Royal Liner, we have all the different liners you could need! We have storage tank lining to protect your water storage tanks and commercial ditch liners, so your drainage trench can succeed!