Water storage tanks solve many issues for different people, whether you’re a chemical manufacturer, a farmer, or anything in between. More and more industries require these tanks, which means more industry professionals are encountering problems associated with water storage tanks. Read on to learn about four common problems with water storage tanks.

1. Tank Leaks

A common problem you’ll encounter with your tank is leaks. With a water storage tank, you must have entry and exit points and pipes. Somehow, you’ll always run into bent or broken pipes or even holes. When connecting pipes to your tank, you must use a flexible connector to ensure reliable connections. Leaks like these not only mean that the pipe or connector is damaged but that you’re also losing precious water. A small leak may not seem like the greatest problem, but it can quickly get out of control over time.

2. Tank Tipping

Another common issue with water storage tanks is that they can tip or settle unevenly if you don’t properly install them. Tilts are common and aren’t necessarily too dangerous, but if left untreated for a while, the tank can slide down and create further hazards. Water tanks can store over 5000 gallons of water, reaching almost 40,000 pounds. If it’s not stable, they can fall and create some massive damage. It is critical that your storage tank is level and on a solid surface, or else it can start to lean or get caught in an earthquake and damage everything in its path.

3. Sediment Accumulation

One common problem you’ll run into with your water tank is the accumulation of sediment like sand. The water you have in your tank will not always be pure, especially if it is something more like a rainwater tank. Because of this, you’ll likely encounter a layer of solids forming on the bottom and the tank walls that you’ll need to remove regularly. You can remove it by draining the tank, rinsing it with a power washer, and then rinsing it again before refilling. Unfortunately, this solution is limited because you’ll need to clean it all over again in a short time.

4. Algae Growth

Algae growth is another problem you’ll have to look for when you have a water storage tank. If you don’t have a lid or sunlight properly blocked for your storage tank, you might quickly run into some unwanted algae formation. To keep the algae away, you must limit the tank’s exposure to sunlight and place them in an area with a lot of shade. The material of the storage tank can also make a big difference since anything that allows light into the tank can foster more algae growth.

You can encounter these common problems with water storage tanks, but you can take precautions that keep these problems at bay. One great solution to stop these problems is to install plastic water tank liners, and Royal Liner is here to help! In addition to helping you find the right liner, we can also help install them, so you don’t have to worry about anything!