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Ponds are beautiful additions to any property, bringing a unique change to the landscape and creating a unique ecosystem. With that said, maintaining the pond always ends up being a significant challenge. It’s hard to know what to do since it is wholly different from any other feature on your land. Read on to learn exactly how you can maintain your pond throughout the year.

Monitor the Banks

Managing the banks is one of the first and most important steps to guarantee your pond stays clear all year. You can do a lot to keep your pond clear, like manage plant life, but the banks are equally as important to care for because they easily erode. Deteriorating banks can muddy up the pond. Keep the bank line well planted with trees and grass; if you have animals, prevent them from going near the water too often. They can ruin the bank slopes, cause further erosion, and pollute the water with their waste.

Clean Regularly

Another way to maintain your pond throughout the year is by cleaning it regularly. Garden ponds accumulate a lot of dirt and debris over time, which can cause significant harm to their ecosystem. You should consider using a skimmer net to collect and eliminate this debris. If left to decay in the water, dead leaves and sludge can release toxins that hurt the pond’s ecological balance. You can use some water pumps with a skimmer to clean out debris and sludge.

Be Careful in the Winter

You must be extremely careful with ponds in the winter. When the winter comes and the top of your pond freezes, the water below gets limited oxygen. Combined with low temperatures, this puts the pond life in danger. Do everything you can to limit ice formation. Some easy ways to do this include leaving floating wood on the surface before the pond freezes and adding air holes in the ice.

Use a Water Reservoir Liner

Another important thing you can do to keep your pond clean is to invest in a water reservoir liner. These liners are cost-effective and relatively easy to install, making them the perfect choice for you. Water reservoir liners can help to prevent water from leaking out of your pond, but they will also help fight against potential contamination. A pond can quickly get nasty if left to the elements for too long. A reservoir liner can help ensure that it looks nice all year round.

Maintaining your pond throughout the year will always be challenging, but it’s not impossible. With these methods, you’re guaranteed to have a pond that stays clean and healthy all year long. To take things to the next level, consider getting a flexible water tank liner from the best in the business, Royal Liner. Not only are our liners made from the best materials, but we can also professionally install them so that you won’t have to worry about your liners for years to come.