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Caustic chemicals are acidic. When they contact people’s flesh, they burn the skin. There are harmful chemicals found in products we use every day, such as household cleaners, prescriptions, and pesticides. The best way to store caustic or harmful chemicals is in safe areas that are free of sunlight.

In a Dry, Cool Area

An excellent, dry area is one where the temperature never gets above eighty degrees. This could be a pantry or a closed cabinet inside of your household, for instance. Storing chemicals in a cool, dry area will also prevent access moisture from accruing. If there are no such spaces in your home, you can create one using custom tank liners.

Away From Sunlight

No sunlight should be near chemicals. Have you ever wondered why their bottles are never see-through? Keeping caustic and harmful chemicals away from sunlight will prevent reactions from occurring.

In a Well-Ventilated Area

Having your chemicals in a well-ventilated area will prevent you from creating an at-home knockout gas. The vented site will allow for the chemicals to flow through the airway with ease. Making sure your vents are dusted or cleaned regularly will also ensure your air flow is great.

At Eye Level

When you’re putting away chemicals, you must store them at eye level. Never store on the floor or above your head. The shelf they’re placed on shouldn’t be overcrowded with other items, either. You want to have ease of access when dealing with chemicals to prevent visiting the emergency room!

Somewhere Fire-Resistant and Non-Combustible

What’s the best way to store caustic or harmful chemicals? The best location is one that’s fire-resistant and non-combustible. Chemical fires and explosions are way more common than you think!

If a fire were to break out, it would increase in size and spread drastically. If you don’t have a fire-resistant area, be sure you know the location of your fire extinguisher. Viewing a quick video on how to pull, aim, and squeeze will also be a great help!

Don’t fear your caustic or harmful chemicals; they help you throughout daily activities. You can change the way you handle and use chemicals now that you’re in the know about how to store them safely.