The composition of a tank liner matters when considering its lifespan and durability. If a strong material isn’t the base for your tank’s second containment, you’ll end up worrying about liner leaks and spills as well as the health of the tank itself. If you’ve ever found yourself wondering what tank liners are made of and why, then it’s time to learn about the most universal tank liner material: polyvinyl chloride—or PVC.

Benefits of PVC Tank Liners

While manufacturers also use several other kinds of materials for tank liners, PVC is the most reliable. PVC lining is easy to install and works for both potable water storage and harsh chemical storage. This makes PVC tank liners appealing to industries that use both types of liquid storage—such as farms.

Polyvinyl chloride liners should last ten years or more before needing a replacement due to their resistance to tears, punctures, and many corrosive chemicals. This incredible durability paired with extreme flexibility ensures that the contents of your tank stay safe from internal and external damage or contamination.

Who Uses PVC Tank Liners?

Any industry that stores liquids can utilize a PVC tank liner. Even residential areas benefit from tank liners—both their municipal water supply and water purification plants may use a PVC drop-in liner. While at a much smaller scale, household rainwater storage tanks and cisterns are safer to use with a tank liner.

You may find PVC tank liners in:

  • Farms
  • Municipal water supplies
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Water processing plants
  • Ponds
  • Trenches and canals
  • Secure chemical storage

Any type of tank can use a secure tank liner, even if it’s old. The PVC tank liner by itself is durable enough to keep the liquid protected from any hazards—even extreme cold or heat. Food industries can also make use of what tank liners are made of—many tank liner manufacturers ensure that their products align with the values of the NSF 61 and its requirements for potability.

Whether you’re storing acidic chemicals or potable water, installing custom tank liners from Royal Liner in all your storage tanks ensures that you’re purchasing a quality liner every time. Contact us today to discuss the details of your liner needs!