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Once you’ve had your custom tank liner installed around the interior of your metal, concrete, or plastic containment tank, there isn’t much more you need to do. Your tank liner protects the storage tank from corrosion and its contents from leaks with very little effort from you or your employees. However, to ensure the tank’s success, it’s important to know how to maintain tank liners and perform simple checkups to know if it’s performing its function.

Monitor for Leaks

It’s difficult to monitor the overall health of your tank liner once it’s installed. Due to the scale of some tanks and the inaccessibility of others, simply taking a look inside the tank isn’t always an option. Whether you have a tall municipal water tank or an underground storage tank, monitoring for leaks often requires you to inspect the liquid and its flow. If you notice any abnormalities with the flow or differences in liquid volume, you may have a leak in your liner.

Other signs of leaks or damage to the liner include:

  • Tank corrosion and rust
  • Fixture damage (pipes, connections, etc.)
  • Sludge
  • Algae
  • Change in tank pressure
  • Change in tank temperature

The liner experts that installed the tank can help you with repairs when your tank experiences leaks or damage.

Know What the Liner Can Handle

When you order a tank liner, it’s customized to fit in your specific tank with the contents that you intend to store. If you choose to store something else, your liner may not be suited to handle it. Make sure you follow the rules—only store the intended liquid within the tank. Don’t switch the stored liquid without first consulting your tank liner manufacturer.

Repairing a PVC Tank Liner

To prevent a leak or tank liner damage from disrupting your business, have the tank inspected yearly. However, if you discover a leak and need repairs as soon as possible, your tank liner manufacturer can provide you with assistance.

At Royal Liner, we can help you repair and maintain your tank liners to increase the lifespan of your liquid storage tanks. If you have any questions regarding how to maintain tank liners and the installation of your reliable drop-in tank liner, contact us today.