Your water tank may not be storing hazardous chemicals or waste; however, installing a tank liner is still an essential step in the tank’s setup process. A tank liner is a protective layer of plastic that is perfect for storing potable drinking water or hard water. Any size water tank needs to use a tank liner so that its contents remain untouched by outside factors. Before you begin filling up your empty, unlined water tank, read our reasons why you should use a liner in water tanks.

Protection Against Leaks or Cracks

Leaks in your water tank don’t have to end in catastrophe for the contents of your water tank. While you will still need to repair the tank to maintain its structure, you’ll have time to do so if you have a tank liner. With the proper installation of a tank liner, the water inside the tank will remain safe and untouched by outside elements if a crack ever appears.

Leaks aren’t just dangerous because of water loss; they also invite pests and fungi to contaminate your water tank’s supply. Not only is this hazardous to the potability of your water, but you will also need to deep clean your tank once it is drained of all the contents. A tank liner is extra defense against plants, pests, and fungi that will try to seep through the cracks of a water tank.

Protection for the Structure of Your Tank

Not only is the protection of your water from leaks important, but the protection of your tank’s structure from the water is equally essential. Sometimes, the contents of the water tank are what cause the degradation of the structural integrity of the tank, resulting in leaks and cracks. Water, no matter how pure it may be, can degrade the inside of your water tank with enough time. This is especially true for concrete water tanks, as water erodes concrete over time—especially moving water. Installing concrete water tank liners for your concrete water tanks is necessary for keeping the water inside a structurally sound water tank and increasing the lifespan of the tank.

Low Maintenance

Once your tank liner is installed, there isn’t anything else you need to do other than fill up the water tank. A tank liner from Royal Liner is created to last a minimum of ten years, and after you feel that it is time to replace your liner, all you need to do is drain the tank, take out the old one, and put in the new one. So long as the water was never contaminated and the tank’s structure remains undamaged, cleaning out the tank while you have a tank liner is a breeze.

Easy cleanup along with structural integrity makes it easy to see why you should use a liner in water tanks. Contact Royal Liner to order your custom water tank liner before you start filling up.